The DACG team has extensive experience in aerospace development, operations, sales and manufacturing. This experience allows us to provide extraordinary results. Utilizing DACG's expertise in sales, marketing and business diversification strategies; we have successfully won strategically important business for our clients.

Consulting Services Markets Commodities Successful Case Studies
DACG consulting services have developed strategies that counter the down periods of the cyclical aerospace market including:

Sales Representation
   - Winning Opportunities Identification
   - Deal Closing

Strategy Development
Strategy Implementation
Sales & Marketing Plans
Business Opportunity Advancement
Business Diversification Development
Core Competency Assessments
Make/Buy Analysis
Identification of Low-Cost Suppliers
Supplier Management
Project Management
Supplier Integration

DACG has a proven track record of diversifying companies to target markets within, and outside of, the aerospace industry such as:

Commercial Aircraft
Regional Aircraft
Business Jets
Military Aircraft
High Speed Trains
Recreational Bikes

DACG has successfully closed significant deals in the following commodities:

Machined & Sheet Metal Components

Developed and implemented a sales diversification strategy for a Tier 2 manufacturer to lessen their dependence on a single customer; diversified the company from 95% to 60% reliance with one customer.

Analyzed the support functions of a major client and implemented a buyer planner concept which reduced delinquencies from nearly 50% to less than 1% while reducing material overhead costs by 70%.

Analyzed obsolete inventory for a major aerospace company and claimed 30% under delinquent termination claims.

Implemented a vendor in-house store concept at two major clients whereby in-house excess inventory was "sold" to the supplier thus freeing up much needed cash. Stores was then staffed by supplier thus reducing in-house overhead.

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